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Picture by Brenda’s eldest daughter Karen Hansen; featuring a few items from Lee’s Lines’ Freeform Fiber Collection


If you have not heard of us before, our story began in a very small suitcase full of beads, charms, lace, buttons, and a few tools.  Lee's Lines LLC is owned by Brenda Lee and was created to share Brenda's enjoyment of crazy quilting with others, via our Needlework Shop.


We have been selling embellishment supplies primarily at our classes and various guild meetings in Michigan for over ten years.  In 2003 we began selling at quilt shows in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. 


Our primary focus has been on crazy quilting and hand embroidery, but we have or can get anything an embellisher and fiber artist might want.  To us, embellishing and crazy quilting is a creative art-form that opens itself up to a great deal of interaction and collaboration with other artists. 


Did you know that crazy quilting is the original "green" art-form?  That's right, back in the day (the late 1800's) crazy quilts were created from fabric scraps, ribbons, lace, buttons, jewelry, etc.  Today, we still use some of these resources, but we also have wonderful new fabrics, buttons, charms, ribbons, lace, trims, and other beautiful things to use in our creations.


Two for the price of one

Lee's Lines LLC has two company lines:

  1. Needlework Shop - Selling the tools  and embellishment to make your own fiber creations
  2. Art & Wearable - Selling wearable art fiber creations


Art & Wearable Line

In our Art & Wearable Line, we have a number of collections.  Our most popular is our Freeform Fiber Collection that has been sold in Ann Arbor Michigan, Leeland Michigan, Dexter Michigan, and in the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum Gift Shop.  Our artistic process lends itself to making One-of-A-Kind creations.  We use some new materials and some recycled scraps.


More about Brenda

Brenda Lee was fortunate to have a grandmother who taught her to knit, crochet, and embroider at about age 5. At 11 years old, Brenda took oil painting classes and has painted on & off since.  At present, Brenda is painting on fabric with watercolors.  She has been a sewer since junior high school, a hand quilter since the 1980's, and has a tailoring background. Brenda's artistic abilities have been expressed through: crazy quilting, embroidery, hand quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, French wire ribbon, cross stitch, hand and machine sewing, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, painting, felting, and hardanger.


Years ago, Brenda's exquisite creations inspired an exhibit of her needlework at the Livonia Civic Center Library and articles in the Livonia Observer and the Detroit Free Press.  She has taken classes with nationally known instructors like: Judith Baker Montano, Judy Dale, Arlene Baker, Colette Wolff, Elizabeth Kurella, Camela Nitschke, Laura Murray, Prudence Mapstone, Martha Green, Mary Jo Hiney, and Sue Holdaway-Heys.


She is a current member of Michigan Crazy Quilters, Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, and Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild; and a former member of Needlework & Textile Guild of Michigan, American Sewing Guild, Creative Clothing Club, Waterford Quaint Quilters, and Embroiders Guild of America.Brenda is an avid gardener and antique collector.  She collects old lace and buttons. 


Brenda's hands are never idle.  She has been a real-estate professional and community volunteer turned entrepreneur.  With her daughter's help, she has created a pattern line and teaches a number of needlework classes.


Brenda's Artist Statement:  "I gain inspiration from color combinations in nature, fabric, and yarn.  I enjoy playing with different techniques and seeing how I can incorporate them into my own creations."


Brenda's Side-kick & daughter Krista

Krista learned to sew in junior high school and for the next ten years made many outfits including her first couple of business suits.  In the early 1990's, Krista took a machine quilting class with a co-worker and didn't touch a sewing machine again until she moved back to Michigan in 2003.  Even though she is learning to use the sewing machine again and expanding her skills with different techniques, Krista's true enjoyment comes from handwork. 


In Krista's first career, she traveled the world as a manager for several Fortune 200 companies.  She also worked as a corporate development instructor with a number of colleges and universities, when she lived in New Jersey.  Krista has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and a master's degree in Business Management.


Krista has become proficient at shuttle tatting, hand embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon ruching, counted cross stitching, knitting, crocheting, hand and machine sewing, and crazy quilting.  Like her mother, she is a gardener, antique collector and a member of the Michigan Crazy Quilters and Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild.  Krista has taken classes from nationally known instructors like: Jennie Rayment, Diane Rick, Mary Jo Hiney, Victoria Silks, Sue Moran, and Sue Holdaway-Heys.


Krista's Artist Statement:  "I am inspired by the awesome color combinations found in nature and love working with other artists. I have always been very traditional in my artwork, but I have begun to explore different techniques to express myself through the fiber arts."


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