Crazy For You Foundation Fabric


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Now it is possible to do Crazy Quilt foundation quilt blocks on pre-printed 100% Cotton screen print fabric.  Sew quilt blocks without having to cut templates and fabric shapes before piecing.

This Crazy Quilt 8" x 8" piece can be machine or hand pieced from a your collection of fabrics, trims and laces.

"Foundation by the Yard" by Sharon Hultgren


The Crazy for You Foundation fabric is great because it is a crazy quilt pattern and foundation fabric in one.  Some tips on using the Crazy for You Foundation fabric:
1.    All fabric pieces must have a seam allowance,
2.    Place the first fabric, right-side up, on the Crazy for You Foundation fabric,
3.    Place the second fabric, right-side down, over the first piece of fabric, lining up the fabric edges covering seam #2,
4.    Baste all three layers together, the two fabric pieces and the Crazy for You Foundation, on seam #2,
5.    Fold the second fabric piece over the seam to cover the space, making it right-side up,
6.    Repeat this process until fabric pieces cover the Crazy for You Foundation fabric.  

It is best to do a basting stitch round the 8"x 8" square, through the various fabric pieces and the Crazy for You Foundation fabric, leaving all of the fabric edges attached to the Crazy for Your Foundation fabric.  Once your embroidery stitches and embellishing is completed, back it and bind it.  A typical crazy quilt does not have batting and is not quilted to the backing fabric.  

  • Manufactured by: Benartex Inc.

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